Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some Quilty Goodness

So, it's almost that time again where I have to evaluate all of my goals at the end of the month and keep myself accountable to all of the things I wanted to finish this year. SO far, I think I am doing okay, probably a little behind on some things and a little ahead on some other things....but I'm leaving that evaluation until tomorrow (why punish myself ahead of schedule, right?).

So, instead I am celebrating some quilty goodness that showed up at my doorstep (er, post office box) this week, courtesy of the lovely Tammy, my most favoritist Montana long-armer....I sent her a group of items to quilt for me, and she did a fantastic job, and hopefully with my vacation next week, I'll get a few more items prepped and ready to go her way. That's right folks, 5 full days of quilting next week, how will I cope with all of the sew-opportunities??? With a good friend and my trusty Helen, I am almost ready to go.

But back to Montana quilting.....This is my A Touch of Spring -- probably the most traditional looking of Judy's patterns (though I realize that is a purely subjective measurement). I started mine 2 years ago at Camp Watch-A-Patcher in July, and I worked on it off and on for about 6 months, and then the border and I got into a fight......and it won. The reality is I made a mistake when I laid out the border, the purples are all lights and mediums, and the greens are mediums and darks, so it didn't flow like it was supposed to, and the corners were really I put it away in frustration until I saw inspiration one day via facebook.....separate the border into segments, and flow across the segment rather than across the whole quilt. Issue solved, and it was finished in just a few hours.

So, here she is in all of her purple and turquoise glory (I know you are surprised by my color choice!!! again)....please excuse the photography, it was late at night, and dark outside, and my place is I did my best to get some good views for you...

 The general layout.....3 x 4 medallions, with a wavy s-curve border.....

 Detail shots of the waves in the a pale turquoise

Detail of the loops in the medallions, these were done in a verigated purple, turquoise, green combo.

The same loop design repeated in the border spikes

This one below shows the thread color of the loops a little has just a little sparkle on it.....

The border treatment...segments quilted in a dark from the same color family (purple, turquoise, or green) in a pointy it!!!!

And the piece de resistance ..... the feathers, oh, they are amazing!!!!! tiny, beautiful, floaty and pristinely perfect. Did I mention that I love feathers???

To Tammy -- remind me to let you choose the design, always!!!! I love it!!!!

Happy Quilting,

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