Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tools of the Trade

I often get asked what my favorite gadget or tool is, and the reality is I could never pick just one!!! I use different ones every day, depending upon the project, technique or requirements, but I do think my collection is a little odd, and sometimes a bit overwhelming!!! Seriously, I use "weird" supplies all the I thought I would show you some of them. Some will be "normal" some are just shortcuts to make my quilting life easier (or cleaner)!

So, here you go, a few of my favorites :

Rotary Cutter -- pretty standard, I like the 60mm one best.

Thread -- pretty basic, I like the DMC 50 wt for binding, and Aurifil 60wt for piecing, but I am testing a new  one by Wonderfil -- I'll let you know next week what I think.

A Glue Pen -- I started using these for paper piecing, and now I use it for everything. I glue down my binding before I sew it, so I know it "fits" smooth, and I don't have pins on my couch poking me. 

Sewing Machine -- Her name is Helen the Husquavarna -- yes it is cheesy, but she loves it!!!

Her details.......

Camera -- essential for success. I love to look at designs in it, the viewfinder really helps you get perspective on value and color -- I will often switch it to B&W and take a photo to make sure that the value is right.

Baskets -- essential for keeping all the parts organized. I like to have one for every project. For active projects I have these white open ones, and for longer term or travel projects I use the ISIS locking scrapbook boxes.

A bowl -- I admit I stole this one from Rachel Ray -- I have a bowl on my cutting table to "collect" all of the scraps, trash and threads. Since I do mostly paper piecing, I end up with little scraps, which have a tendency to "wander" between cutting and the trash can. This keeps them corralled, and makes it easier to dump them into the trash all at one time. It helps keep my area and brain free of clutter, and cuts down on the vacuuming (which is always a benefit).

Here's another view of the scraps and papers from my glacier star.

And my biggest requirement.....Diet Coke!!!

What are your essential tools for quilting???

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