Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Work in Process Wednesday

Well we are mid way through the week, and I am happy to report that the work on the TOM is going strong. Today I am watching a Harry Potter marathon -- right now it's the Chamber of Secrets -- and marking and sewing all of the TRPs on all of the pieces. There are more TRPs than I remember!!!! Here's the update....

Monday -- Assemble the C's, and build out the Ds - DONE!!! 

Tuesday -- Assemble the Borders, and start working towards the center - Still working on these, I didn't realize that I hadn't done some of the TRPs, so I had togo back and complete them before I could actually start assembly, but that is all done now, so these can start shortly.  

Wednesday -- Assemble the A's - completed Tuesday

Thursday - Assemble the 4 quadrants - may be delayed until Friday, as I have a hair appointment that was originally scheduled for while the studio is too warm to sew in, but has been moved, so I likely won't have much sewing time on Thursday, but we'll see....

Friday - Assemble the main components - still on track, I am confident I can get them done if I just concentrate!!!!

Other than that there is really not a lot going on this week, we're taking some quiet time to get organized for new adventures that start shortly (the 23rd) and trying to get organized for all of the new adventures. The new job will have serious impacts on my ability to get sewing done, so I have to make some changes  -- not quite sure how that will work out or what I am going to sew.....with a full travel schedule I likely won't do any machine work except when I am home on the weekends....I will have the ability to do hand work, or knit, but I haven't really made any big plans on that front for this year, so I need to re-evaluate. It could be a great time to make the So Faded cardigan, or make a Worsted Boxy, or make any of the dozens of shawls that are on my list. Part of me wants to cast on the giant faded Hitchhiker Shawl that I planned for next year. SO MANY OPTIONS!!!! I just need to figure out which one I want to do and make it a priority, and get it prepared. 

So wish me luck until I check in again!!!

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