Monday, February 1, 2016

Make a List Monday

I can't believe it's Monday again, and February to does this happen??? Just kidding, I know how, I just can't quite believe it!!!! It's February already????

This month, I really want to get back to some of the things I did last year, including make a list, let's get to it!!!

This week, looks fairly busy....I have photography class Tuesday and Thursday evening, and it's the last Wednesday night free for a while, as we start up with Puppy Training again next Wednesday, February, this is the last week that I can get any sewing done mid week...

My plans for the week....

1. Sort projects in the garage. I went through all of the in process projects and sorted them into 5 piles. To Piece, To Border, To Quilt, To Bind and To Go. That's right, To GO. I took a long hard look at a bunch of projects (some of which have been in boxes for 10 years), and made some tough decisions. Now, I need to prioritize the 4 remaining piles so that I can get all of them finished.....this year. Yes, that is an aggressive goal. but a totally doable one, as long as I get to it, and don't procrastinate. Look for some followup posts on these.

2. Organize ruler storage. I really need a new ruler storage system. The one that I have simply doesn't work for my needs, and I need to come up with something. So my job this week is to scour pinterest for ideas and come up with something that is better than what I have. It doesn't have to be perfect, but better.

3. Log all of my quilty projects and create a schedule for the rest of the year, ensuring some "fun" sewing, and some "new" sewing, and some creative time.

4. Work on February's Priority Projects :
                           Pepperdish - just need border units sewn together
                           Log Cabin Cut outs/Spurs - curved piecing and assembly

That's all of the plans for the week!!! Wish me luck, and I'll see you next Monday for a recap!



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