Sunday, February 28, 2016

Make a List Monday - Week 9

Well, I lost week 8, but I am back for week 9, Monday February 29th - Sunday, March 6th
In week 7, I said I was going to do the following....

1. Finish Project for Photography's due on Thursday, and I think I am just about done....I got this one all done!!!!

2. Domestic Goddess Training -- Time to finalize that cleaning routine, and then actually do it!!! I did this one too!!! But in week 8. It's done none the less. Every single piece of clothing that I own is currently clean. And I don't have nearly enough storage. I guess that is why my dirty clothes hamper is perpetually's a closet!!! On a serious note, it's time to do some serious purging, I am seriously tempted to get rid of all of my business suits, since I haven't worn them (other than for interviews) in 5 years!!! SO, if I still feel that way a month from now, they are going. 

3. Taxes - Ugh!!! But yeah, taxes....I have just a few items remaining in transit, but these are essentially finished, even the out of state ones. yippee!!!

4. Bindings - I am heading to Stitches West at the weekend, so I want to get a couple of bindings on this week, so that I have something to work on in the hotel and during the car ride....I ended up driving myself, so I didn't work on these, but they are ready for some attention sometime soon.

This week is another busy week....It's project week in Photography class, so I have to get that done. It is also end of month at work, and first weekend for teaching, so a very full week indeed. Given the number of things to do the list of sewing activities is pretty short....

1. Make a back for my 6 pointed star table topper that I finished last week.
2. Put binding on Sunshine quilt, and bind it over the weekend.....
3. Finish photo 120 project (due Thursday)
4. Puppy class midterm (Wednesday)
5. Daily cleaning routine activities - Domestic Goddess Training

and with that I bid you all good night and happy sewing....


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