Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wedding Ring QAL Week 8 - Already???

Oh My!!! How did we get to Week 8 already??? I can't believe that we are already this far into the QAL, and I am SSSSOOOO far behind!!!! For once, I have this week's homework done, though I am still behind on last week (and the week's beforehand). Ad still fairly confident that I can catch up. And of course, it's Wednesday, and I try to post these on Sunday or Monday, which is an indication of just how far behind life is at the moment. And then there are taxes. In just under the wire, and now feeling a little less stressed, at least for the moment....

Week 1&2 February 15th -28th - Project Selection and Supply Attainment -- DONE!!!

Week 3 - March 1 - 7 - Paper Preparation - cut out and bag you papers according to your pattern. - DONE!!!!

Week 4 - March 8 - 14 - Sewing A Arcs - there are multiple sets of these and we are going to spend multiple weeks working on them. Some done.....lots left....

Week 5 - March 15-21 - Sewing A Arcs - just keep sewing!!!! I've made some more progress this week, but not nearly as many as I need. I have a little over half of the As complete at this point.

Week 6 - March 22-28 - Sewing B Arcs - just keep going! We got this far, we can do it! See note above. 

Week 7 - March 29 - April 4 - Sewing B Arcs - This week was the last week of Arcs. I am only about 35% complete on the Bs, so I have quite a few left, but I am just going to keep going until I get there.

Week 8 - April 5 - April 11 - Using QW Wedding Ring Rulers - Cutting out backgrounds -- Asteroids and Melons. This week, we are going to be working on cutting out background....depending upon which quilt you are doing, you may be doing 4 patch asteroids (Princess Tiara or Cotton Candy), or X asteroids (Flowers for My Wedding Ring), or even the Bali Wedding Star.

So, my homework for this week is done!!!! 

Week 9 - April 12 - April 18 - Pieced Asteroids and Melons
This week we are piecing the asteroids and melons...which depending upon which quilt you are doing could mean a few different things. If you are working on Bali Wedding Star, these are paper pieced star points, if you are doing Art Deco it is a paper pieced sawtooth shaped melon. For some others you will use the pieces we made last week. The secret is to just keep making the parts that are relevant to your project. Next week, we'll start assembling all of the relevant pieces and parts, and the real fun begins. 

Week 10 - April 19 - April 25 - Assembly

Week 11 - April 26 - May 2 - Assembly

Week 12 - May 3 - May 9 - Assembly

Week 13 - May 10 - May 16 - Assembly

Week 14 - May 17 - May 23 - Applique - Fused

Week 15 - May 24 - May 31 - Applique - Hand Turned

How are you coming along on this project??


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