Friday, January 16, 2015

A crazy week


It has been a little crazy here...I started a new full time job last week in the industry. I still don't really know what I can and can't say about the new job, so for now, I'm just going to be a little vague...but know that going to work is more like going to Disneyland, but without the Dole Whip. Seriously. I get to pet fabric, and see new stuff that won't be available on shelves for weeks or months. Dreamy, right??? So far, I love it. It's busy, and I can literally watch my ideas bloom in the office. Totally fun.

Unfortunately, that means I have done very little sewing and even less knitting these last two weeks. I did get my placemats pieced, just need to add the veins, and they are ready for quilting. I also got the main part of Urban Candy pieced, so that one will be ready for Road next week.

Speaking of Road to CA, I will be in the Cozy booth demoing all weekend, so please stop by and say hello if you are there!!!

Until next time!

Happy Quilting!

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