Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 - A Plan

So, it was a couple of weeks ago that we closed out 2014. How are we already 10 days into 2015???

Have you been dreaming about what you want to be/do/have in 2015? I have. I've been reflecting and dreaming a lot lately, about a lot of things. I'll fill you in on my word of the year in a later post, today's discussion is about the plan for the year.

I like to start the year with a clean slate and a plan...a sewing plan, a destash plan, a knitting plan, a fitness plan, etc, etc,'s the project manager in me. I like to write them down and then work on them systematically....and occasionally, completely randomly. SO, below are the big goals for 2015. I've debated over and over the best way to talk about these, and the truth is there is so much fluidity at work, that monthly plans don't really work, so we're just going with priority order for now....

Certified Instructor Stuff
1. Tea Time Placemats - make a new set of samples. My originals became Christmas presents for someone who LOVED them. So I need new samples of this new and very popular class.
2. Paradise in Blooms TOM sample -
3. Prairie Pinwheels New Sample in Batiks
4. Urban Candy Quilt by Sew Kind of Wonderful
5. Flowers for My Wedding Ring Sample
6. Prairie Star Sample #2
7. Amazon Star Sample #2
8. Winter Wonderland Sample #3 - non Christmas fabrics (both other samples are Christmas)
9. Fractured Paint Box
10. build the business to teach 20 days a month

Queenie Quilts Pattern Company
1. 3 quilts I designed over Christmas break tested and published
2. 7 new patterns for Fall Market (10 total)
3. New BOM for 2016 designed and marketed

Other Stuff
1. Gym - 175 visits in 2015
2. knit a pair of socks
3. knit from my stash (no new purchases until something is finished!)
4. Destash 200 yards from my personal sewing fabric stash. (that's a lot of placemats!!!)
5. Minimal fabric buying
6. Reorganize the house, making the business the priority
7. go to Disneyland
8. save for a new car

What are you planning for 2015? What are you doing to keep yourself accountable??? Do you find that joining KALs/QALs helpful in motivating you to get things done?? What are your secrets to success??? Curious minds want to know.....

Until next time....Happy Quilting!


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