Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 BOM - May

Well, it's almost the end of the day, and apparently I scheduled this post incorrectly, because I started getting emails about when I was posting the BOM....which I wrote up and scheduled for the 13th of the month for the remainder of the year some time in March....apparently, there is a change in the functionality, and most post was sitting in a pending status, so, sorry about that!!!! And here it is....

I made some changes this month -- specifically, I used some batiks with cottons, and moved to a darker and flatter "background" -- mainly because I wanted this month's example (which will become a pillow (as have most of my samples)) for someone else's house. Someone who is much younger and as a result much much hipper than me.....

So, here we go....

Cut 4 - 4 7/8" squares from your focus fabric (multi colored batik)
Cut 2 - 4 7/8" squares from your star fabric (black)
Cut 2 - 4 7/8" squares from your corner fabric (grey)
Cut 1 - 4 1/2" square from your star fabric (black)

Now, let's mark and sew the HSTs. I would normally draw a line on the wrong side of the batik print, but in this case, it was too busy to see it, so I marked the solids (black and grey). The black was a little tricky, so I used my herra marker, instead of a pencil, though you could also use a chalk pen or a sewline pencil. As long as you can see it, it works! Now, place the solid 4 7/8" squares with the batik ones, (2 grey + batik, and 2 black + batik). 

Now, you will sew on both sides of the drawn line, use a matching thread. I used a super light thread so that it would show up in photos. 

Now, cut them apart on the drawn line, and press towards the solid.

Now trim off the dog ears.

And layout your block.....

Now sew the rows together, press the top and bottom rows to the right, and the middle row towards the left, and sew the rows together.



Happy Quilting!!! See you next month!


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