Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ten Things This Summer

So, I've never done a linky party before....I have always wanted to, but I never really had the pre-requisites, or the time, but this one looks really fun! It is being hosted by Sherri at A Quilting Life. Since I have never done this before, I get to test my linky skills, and tell you about the projects I want to complete this's hard to imagine that there are so many, but there are.....

1. Meandering Star - I've gotten started, I have made all of the units and I really just need a few hours to sew all of the units together into quilty goodness.

2. Bind this quilt. It's a big adventure. It's a gorgeous quilt, and has been back from the quilter since last fall. I've taught it at guilds, I've had it in the booth, I have even had it on the end of the bed for a few days, but all of these have occurred without the binding applied. It NEEDS it's binding to finish it off....wish me luck.

3/4. Make these two quilt by Camille Roskelley (I heart her, seriously, she is AWESOME!, not that I know her personally). I love her designs made up of simple components that are some much greater than the sum of their parts. Swoon and Round & Round.

5. Finish this guy....AMAZON STAR. It's Huge. All of the pieces are finished, all of the major components assembled, just the 8 "Y" seams to tackle. MUST GET IT DONE. It's been calling me for months.....

6. Prep for my trip to Montana in September.....I am spending a week with Judy in mid-September, and I really don't know what to work on.....I was considering taking a bunch of small projects and just doing one a day.....and then a revert and think I should take #5 above, or maybe one of the other half done ones...seriously, I have a bunch of half done ones that have been screaming at me (seriously, they are starting to get biligerent at this point, they have been set aside for SO long).....

7. Reorganize my sewing space -- I haven't really ever completely moved into my sewing room this time. I think it is because I knew that this is a temporary place not really a landing spot, so I've just gotten out things I am actively working on, and left the others in boxes. But by end of summer the new place will be settled, and it will be time to properly move everything in and set up the permanent tables, instead of sewing on the SewEzi. 

8. Document all of my WIPs. I have a list of all of my completed quilts, and who they went to and what they looked like, etc, but I need to expand that to include all of my WIPs, and then prioritize them....and then get them finished. Right now, I know I have the following in process, piecing wise.....

Forever Yours
Amazon Star (see #5 above)
Winter Wonderland
Witches Brew
Split Log Cabin
Feathered Star Queen
Cabin Fever
Bali Fever
Three Ducks (just needs borders added)
Meandering Stars (see #1 above)

9. Finish Three Ducks in a just needs the borders finished and then added....

10. Finish Forever Yours.....just needs the curved piecing completed.....Seriously, this one needs a meer 30 curved seams and it will be complete....maybe I should have listed it first....

So, those are the summer you think they are too ambitious?>?>

Happy Quilting!!!


P.S. check in and see if I managed to do the linky think right.....and maybe we can do more of these, or even host one??? Scary, right???


  1. Terrific goals! Thanks for joining in!

  2. Thanks for hosting! Now I need to meet these goals!