Monday, November 19, 2012

Today I have.....

*had my heart broken. A good friend of mine lost her daughter last week, and she was laid to rest today. I can't help thinking how unfair it is. I know God has his reasons and all that, but I don't find that particularly comforting at the moment.

As a result, I've been working very hard to keep myself busy so as not to dwell.....which interestingly enough means I got more done that usual.

*managed to get to 3:00pm before I realized I hadn't had any lunch.

*inventoried a rather large order from Hoffman -- new Bali Pops, Snaps and Crackers. I will update these into the store shortly!

*interviewed several candidates for an open position.

*signed off on plans for a new building.

*prepped a few to many project kick-off meetings.

*not spoken to my mother. I tried, several times, but alas, I got her answering machine.

and tonight,

*I have a few meetings.
*I need to sew. In that strange place where sewing is not a joy, or an impulse, but a need. I think I need to sew up my broken heart.

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