Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Favorite Place to Visit

So, I got to visit my favoritest place on Tuesday....Hoffman Fabrics!!! They had huge rolls of fabrics straight from Bali, stacked on palettes ready to be wound onto bolts and shipped out to shops. There were so many options it was a bit overwhelming!

I met with my rep to pick out new fabrics fom the Fall Market groups, and I am super excited about them!  The colors are so crisp this year, with new yellows and blues that are bold and bright! Can't wait to sew! In the meantime, new designs are swirling in my head!

I've been beavering on with my compass, and it is finally almost finished, 3-4 more hours and I will be complete!!!  Hopefully we'll have decent weather this weekend and will get some good pics!

Happy sewing!

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