Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things to be Thankful For

This time of year there are so many things to be thankful for! I am reminded of friends and family who I won't get a chance to see (the joy of living SO far from home), and those that I see every day. The guides, mentors, and challengers that make us into the people that we are. The new and amazing experiences that this year has brought, and the challenges that make us stronger individuals. In some ways I am as thankful for those that have challenged me this year, as for those that have supported me whole heart-edly.This is that time of year when I always begin reflecting on EVERYTHING, because, well that's just part of my over-thinking self.

I always find this a great time to look back on the business and where it was this time of year and where it is's kind of that time where I start formulating the plans for next year...the shows I want to do, the patterns I want to make, the patterns I want to write, and finally my word of the year. It's funny that a simple word can influence so much.....and the importance of choosing wisely always weights on me for a couple of weeks before I choose.

Any suggestions???

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