Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stepping Stones

Well, the whirlwind week has come and gone, and I am happy to say that we are all safe and sound, though we have experienced some technical difficulties due to Hurricane Sandy. Mind you, it is nothing compared to what my east coast friends have had to deal with, so I really can't complain. So, for all of my friends, I wish you health and a quick recovery as the east coast rebounds from the worst storm in history.

And to cheer everyone up, I offer some pics that my fantastic photographer (who happens to be one of my favoritist cousins) took over the summer.....Stepping Stones. These pics were taken in Encinitas at a charming property full of sculptures...they were really quite breathtaking, and funny to work around.....

The pattern uses Bali Pops (or Jelly Rolls for you Moda enthusiasts). Mine has Blue Hawaiian, Grasshopper, and Zinfandel from G3, but I think it would look just as good in the new Rum Raisin, or maybe the Tiramisu....oh, how nice. Or what about the new ones that got released this weekend at market???? Breakers, Taffy and Caramel, or maybe Licorice.....That's right Hoffman released the new G6 version of the Bali Pops, and they are FABULOUS!!!! They are 1895 solids...so I think I will have to stock up. Shades of Green for Taffy, Caramel simply looks like a heap of caramels, sea salt, toffee, etc, and Breakers are the colors of the ocean...from super dark navy to the palest of blues. Super excited to see these coming soon to the store.

Well that's all for now, wishing you all well, and see you soon.


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