Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Show of the Season - Check

Well, the last show of the fall season is complete....I can't quite fathom that it is the middle of October. We packed up the booth for the last time this year, and it was both exciting, and a bit sad. Exciting that we get to move on to other responsibilities and priorities (the website, the laundry, market, etc), and a bit sad to say farewell to some weekend friends that I only see when on the road. Now, to unpack the trailer, sort everything out, and do an inventory.....I'm always amazed what I find, and what I have lost during the season. Last year, I found 2 unopened extension cords, which I had looked for all season. They were in the bottom of a crate full of plastic bags (the ones you put product in for customers). And somewhere I lost an entire set of sharpies -- seriously, a box f 10 just up a disappeared one at a time.

This week is sure to be an adventure, it is the final week before people depart to market, the final push for pattern printing, folding and bagging, final decisions about what props to take to market and which to leave home. It's always a bit nuts, it's always the week when weird things happen -- brakes on the car die, iphone screens get broken...all things that make for stress during the most stressful week of the year. But we'll make it through, we always do.

So, back to the grind, and I'll see you all next week.


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