Saturday, March 31, 2012

Current Obsession, pinterest, anyone???

Hi, my name is Catherine, and I am addicted to Pinterest.

Not just the quilting, and knitting, and gardening (which many of you might expect), but the food board, oh my!!! And I don't even cook that often. Seriously, unless it can be cooked in the crockpot, I am probably not going to cook it. I'm never home to cook it. Seriously, I leave the house by 7 every morning, and am rarely home before 7pm, and which point, cereal and a banana seems like a perfectly balanced meal. With a diet coke that is (yes, I am addicted to diet coke, but we'll save that for another post, another day).

Seriously folks, hours lost to checking out recipes and and great photography of food that I will probably never make. Okay, some of them I will make, but most will never happen, but it is fun to dream!! In all I have made a total of 1 item from my pinterest board named "2 make for dinner". 1 out of 634 pins for food. That's .15%, not 15%, or 1.5%, but .15%. Seriously, I really want to start trying some of these, and work on eating at home, and eating out (or cereal for dinner) less. And pinterest is full of great ideas for that -- setting up cooking parties, or doing all of your chopping and bagging for the week, and popping everything in the freezer, so that you can literally drop the entire bag into the freezer on a given morning and have a great meal when you get home from work. Now I just need to buy a crockpot that has the timer feature and I should be good to go.

In my quest for trying some of these amazingly photographer items, I have decided to try something from my pin board every week to see if it is any good -- sort of a challenge to spend less time pinning and more time cooking. So my goal is to try one thing each week, and report back on its success or failure. This week, I tried an "easy lemon cake" -- and the title was no lie (except that I made mine into lime cake, rather than lemon). It has exactly 2 ingredients, and you need 3 tools from your kitchen (mixing bowl, spatula, and banking pan). And it was so good, that it got wolfed down at work, and I didn't even get any....but on everyone's experience, I'm going to rate it a B+. Easy to make, seriously, it took 23 minutes total, (and 22 of those were in the oven), and clean up was super easy, and it was demolished.

So, if you are interested in what silliness I get up to on pinterest, follow me at Queenie Quilts. and I'll let you know how my challenge to myself goes.

Happy Quilting (and Pinteresting)


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