Friday, April 13, 2012

I am delinquent

Yes, I am a delinquent. I haven't been posting much lately, the world has just gotten away from me the last few weeks, with a crazy work schedule, an insane temporary commute, a big project at work and at home, and an upcoming move to plan, I've just not been my normal listy/accomplishy self. But, things they are a changing...

For one, I have a week off at work next week, which means a week that I get to blog until my heart is content, and show you all of the crazy things that I have been beavering away on in the background. Second, my big quilty businessy project is 90% finished and ready for testing next week, and hopefully for launch the following week!!!! Yippee, skippee, I am excited to get that done and checked off, it's not a huge project, but it has caused some consternation here in my world, and I am glad to say it is almost complete. And third, the house move is on, and everything is in process for that, so other than physical packing to do the stress (re: decision) is done.

So, time to get back to quilty/organizey/fun stuff. Like visiting an old friend in Dallas next week, and attending a conference while on vacation!!! So excited I just might not be able to sleep tonight!

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