Monday, June 19, 2017

Make a List Monday June 19-25

Well, this week was a bit different than I had planned. 

1. Quilt 3 projects -- these will go on the longarm this week. One lightening quilt and two tablerunners. - DONE

2. Bind 4 quilts - because the three from last week (and the week before) plus 1 of those tablerunners above (which is a gift for vacation). I see a binge watching session of The Fosters on Saturday to get those done. - I got the fronts on, but none of the handwork. That will just have to wait.

3. Harboured Lighthouse Spikes - sew these on Sunday. No need to grocery shop, or meal plan or anything else, so I am planning on chaining myself to the machine until I get some sewing done.  I spent the weekend running around and packing for my vacation, so I didn't get any sewing done.

4. Knitting - figure out a knitting plan for vacation -- I can't decide what I want to work on....I have so many items that I really want in the queue....and I need to  get the initial cast on completed before I get on the plane....DONE

And now, onto this week....

1. KNIT -- just knit, and nothing else. I'm headed home for a family reunion and I will be knitting the whole I might actually get something to what I am going to work on, I have 5 projects packed, we'll see which one speaks to me come Wednesday.

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