Monday, June 12, 2017

Make A List Monday - June 12 - June 18

Well, it was a bit of a crazy week....I got a bunch of things done that weren't on the list, and  a couple that were.I taught at The Orange Quilt Bee on Saturday, and we had a bunch of finished objects (which are always awesome). I wasn't feeling great on Sunday, and I had some things that had to get done, so I didn't really get much sewing done. I did get a bunch of knitting done (yippee!). So, let's review the plan and see what happened...

1. Finish those bindings. Yeah -- that didn't happen!!!!  That's right, the easy simple one didn't get finished. So, that will rollover.

2. Figure out what I am doing for spikes on Harboured Lighthouse and then sew them. Somehow I suspect the selection process will take longer that the actual sewing....My suspicion was correct. I ended up having to order fabric to finish it. I literally auditioned 50+ fabrics and none of them was quite I ordered some fabric, and it will be here Wednesday or Thursday.

3. Put 2 teeth on my hitchhiker shawl  -- at this point, this is a fair amount of knitting, each tooth takes about 2 hours right now. But it is 3/4 done and it is looking so good and I am so excited!!!! Hopefully my excitement about seeing it finished will translate into knitting progress. This one is FINISHED!!!! I got it completely finished, or at least as finished as it is going to get. I ended up with  29 teeth total. The pattern calls for 34, but that was just getting too big for what I wanted it for, and I didn't want it oversized because I every shawl that I have is oversized, and that means that they are only wearable in the winter, which is very short here in California.

And for next week...I have some big plans...It is a free weekend, which is pretty rare around here. As a result, I literally have NOTHING to do. Plus, I head out of town the next week for vacation, so  there is very little to do in terms of housework, but vacation is all about knitting and crochet time. Since I am traveling, there will be zero sewing, but likely quite a bit of knitting. I even promised to help a friend learn how to knit and crochet, so that should be fun!!!

But before we talk about vacation week, let's talk next week :

1. Quilt 3 projects -- these will go on the longarm this week. One lightening quilt and two tablerunners.

2. Bind 4 quilts - because the three from last week (and the week before) plus 1 of those tablerunners above (which is a gift for vacation). I see a binge watching session of The Fosters on Saturday to get those done.

3. Harboured Lighthouse Spikes - sew these on Sunday. No need to grocery shop, or meal plan or anything else, so I am planning on chaining myself to the machine until I get some sewing done.  

4. Knitting - figure out a knitting plan for vacation -- I can't decide what I want to work on....I have so many items that I really want in the queue....and I need to  get the initial cast on completed before I get on the plane....

Southern Spirit by Joji Locatelli
 The Joker and The Thief by Melanie Berg

 On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg

These three have pretty similar yardage requirements, and I have enough to make this collection work....
with either a light or medium grey, from Sweet Georgia that have been in stash for forever.... now I just need to rush I have almost 10 days to decide!!!!

What are you working on this week???


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