Friday, November 25, 2016

Pattern Focus : Prismatic Star

Prismatic Star is perhaps my favorite large beginner project. It uses strip techniques and simple construction (no Y-seams, yippee!). The best part....they look amazing!!!! The original was designed for the Judy Niemeyer Bali Pops by Hoffman -- with 48 varying strips, like my original....

This one is my original using the Generation 2 Bali Pops from Hoffman, in the #1 color way, which is really bright. I used Cabana for the background, and Midnight (a super dark Navy) for the leading and I love it.

This one is Judy's, and I took this picture at the retreat center last summer. She used the same Bali Pops, but a mottled purple background, and Raven (dark Blue/Black) leading.

Here's that same Bali Pop using the Celery background. This one is a student's work from Cotton and Chocolate.

Here's another view of mine, with a rotated center....where the center's are not grouped in pairs. I just liked it better.
You don't need to stick to solid background, prints work just as well.

And you need not stick with Judy Bali Pops, you can use regular ones just as well.....just kick out the 4 colors that just don't go, and add 6 strips each of the lightest and darkest fabrics (in this case light blue and navy). This on is Lauren Bauman's sample from Cotton and Chocolate. 

If you want, you can even use only 8 fabrics, like I did in this sample for Craftsy. This one was made out of their new boundless batiks line using 8 fabrics for the strips, plus a black with gold dots for the leading.

Or you could use 4 sets of 6, instead of 6 sets of 4, and you will get this version. 

Regardless of which version you make, it turns out AMAZING!!!!

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