Tuesday, September 8, 2015

the one where she talks about all the -ings....

The -ings are all about what's going on and insight into where my head is these days....

Watching - podcasts, lots of them....and waiting for the fall shows to start up.

Craving - ranch dressing, weird right???

Doing - market prep

Obsessing - about coupons....I've been enjoying learning from the roomie how she saves tons of money on EVERYTHING! Seriously, she's a genius!

Loving - the Rumba (again), I've been traveling a lot and it's nice that the vacuuming still gets done.

Reading - more like proof-reading, haven't done any real reading, been way to busy writing patterns and working on market stuff to do any real reading, since I am pretty sure I can't count reading knitting patterns as reading.

Wanting - a long weekend at home. with Miss Penny and nothing to do.

Pinning - knitting, lots of knitting, and a few recipes of things I will probably never make, but they look really good.

Dreaming - about some new opportunities that I have been working on. More on those later this month.

Writing - patterns, it's that time of year....

Crafting - pillows, I made some new pillow covers last week. Hopefully I can get them finished up this week.

Sewing - market samples

Knitting - my razzle. still. yes, I haven't done much knitting. Is it weird that I am looking forward to the OhLoops Harry Potter KAL detention to get it done....(if you are curious, check out OhLoops on etsy, or Ravelry) and play along. The yarn is AMAZING and I am super excited about it. Like much more excited that I should be....

Listening - to NPR, since apparently the country channel in LA has moved, and I couldn't find it...

Wearing - maxi skirts. It's been super hot lately and skirts are so much cooler than shorts in hot weather. 

Needing - to be gentle with myself. I'm still sick, since mid-July I've had this "cold" that I can't get rid of. It's been tested, and basically, I have walking pneumonia, and need sleep, and rest and more rest. And a vacation....since several of those aren't feasible at the moment, I'm trying to be gentle with myself, getting to bed earlier and not being so demanding about housework and other activities.....

Planning -  to make some changes in my diet, specifically starting Whole30 next Sunday. The new recipe book will be out on Tuesday, and I am excited to try some new recipes. I love the idea of Whole30, but I got really bored when I started it last summer, and only lasted about 15 days due to sheer boredom. But I am going to give it another try!!! I'm excited about it and looking forward to feeling better (though not to giving up my diet coke)!!!!

Trying - to be grateful and joyous. When it gets crazy busy I tend to forget all the great things, and instead focus on the things that aren't quite right. So I am making a conscious effort to be grateful and joyous when things get busy this year. 

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