Monday, September 7, 2015

Pattern Parade : Prismatic Star

One of the things I love most about quilting is that a simple fabric change can drastically change a design...

This weekend I'm teaching in Thousand Oaks at Cotton and Chocolate, and several of my students have finished their Prismatic Stars, with amazing results.

This pattern is really easy and really forgiving. It uses a Judy a Bali Pop by Hoffman (48 strips), and takes on a watercolor look in it's original plan, but can be made dramatically different with a simple change or two....

This one is Judy's, and was hanging at the training center when we were there for retreat.

This one is mine, can you see where I rotated the center diamonds (orange, pink, orange, pink, as opposed to orange, orange, pink, pink). Sorry about the pic, apparently I don't have any straight on shots of mine.

Lauren used a regular Bali pop (40 strips) and 1/2 yard each of the absolute lightest (fabric 1), and darkest (fabric 8). She also did the rotated center that I did.  It added consistency and the sparkle. Lauren also used a printed background (rather than a semi-solid), it created so much movement. 

Ilsa stayed with the original layout (grouped center) and used the celery background....

And today, Judy worked on a 4 color version...and I can't wait to see how it turns out...but we'll have to save that for now....stay tuned for more info next month!!!


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