Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Task List Tuesday

Well, several of last week's plans were foiled by crazy hot weather and catching up on all of the things that happened when I was away.....

So, the garage is still a mess, I just couldn't work on it when it was 110 degrees in the garage. I just couldn't do it. So instead, I puttered around the living room and did some sewing and some relaxing. It was lovely. Lovely.

But that means that I am behind on a few things....and adding a few new things that need to get done this week.

1. Finish up the last 4 blocks for Judy. Almost done, should be sending these out later today.
2. Bind Split Up.
3. Classes this week : at Monica's on Wednesday, and at Cotton and Chocolate this weekend for Labor Day.
4. Cut and Prep for Sailors Sandcastle trip.
5. Final Prep for the San Diego Quilt Show (weekend of the 12th).
6. Finish New pattern #2 for Market.
7. Start New pattern #3 for Market.

That is plenty for the week, I'm tired just thinking about it......so I better get going and get started.

See you next week and we'll see how well I did in getting things done....


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