Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Task List Tuesday

Well, it's Tuesday and there a bazillion things to catch up on after 15 days away. A puppy to be loved on, laundry to do, and housework to catch up on, but of course all that I can think about is all of the things I want to get done for upcoming shows and Market....which is only 2 months away (how did that happen???). I was going to be so ready this time!!!

Thankfully, most of the major designing is done, and it's just samples to finish making before market, but it is still a lot considering how little time is left between now and then....and of course, throw in a couple of Judy UFOs that are a.) bothering me or b.) needed for a class soon after Market, and life is suddenly very very busy on the sewing front....so, I've made my lists for the next few weeks, and reviewed the schedules, and here is what I am left with for this week....

Week of August 24-30
1. Make a backing for Shooting Stars
2. Make sample #1 for Market, including writing the pattern
3. Teach - Wednesday (Monica's in Palm Desert), Friday (Orange Quilt Bee in Orange) and Sunday (The SewnSew in Glendora).
4. Bind Split Up
5. Finish unpacking the garage - that will likely require all day Saturday

Do you write lists to help you manage things???

Happy Quilting

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