Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Musings -- and a List

Because I love a good list....

It's Monday, and I am back from a lovely trip to Montana. I hosted a retreat group with some lovely ladies, whom I would now consider friends. We were a small group, just 5 total, and the size of the group was ideal for retreat. We ate great, simple food, we enjoyed each others company and we really got to know each other. It was a great respite in what has been a tough summer. I'm not complaining, life is good, but this summer has been a tough one with a multitude of changes, and it's share of stress. I am glad to be moving on from summer and gearing up for a very busy and productive Autumn, and some lovely upcoming projects and experiences.

I thought we would start this monday with a list (because you know just how much I love a good list) lets get started...

Feeling : a bit sad that I missed a friend's wedding this weekend (congrats Brooke and Luke, love you guys), and excited for a week at home to recover from 13 days on the road.

Watching : knitting podcasts, I have become a bit obsessed (and a bit stalkerish)....

Craving : French Onion Dip -- we had some at retreat, I had forgotten how good it is, fattening, but yummy.

Lunching : brown bagging it -- this week PB&J

Doing : lots of catching up on things

Obsessing : over the new Malam Batiks that arrived at work.....Jinny Beyer you are a genius!!!

Loving : my Viking. I forget how much I love her until I use something else.

Reading : Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

Wanting : yarn -- specifically a skein of Sun and Sea on the Assockilate Base from The Cyborgs CraftRoom - one of my favorite online yarn shops

Pinning - Organization and Back to School Hacks

Dreaming - of painting my bedroom the palest teal in the yarn above....

Writing -- patterns for market

Sewing - backing for Shooting Stars -- I need to get it to the quilter this week

Knitting - My Razzle, still have quite a ways to go, the short rows are no longer short. I really wanted to be done with this one, so it better behave or it might get frogged.

Listening - the new Gloriana CD -- I can't remember the title at the moment, but it is on repeat in the car

Wearing - Harry Potter tshirts - It's back to school time!!!

Needing - to clean and organize, see Pinning above

Planning - October trips, and 2016 Q1 speaking engagements

Trying - to get back on routine

SO, that's about all the -ing for me this week...what about you??? are you -ing anything exciting???

Do tell.....


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