Monday, October 31, 2016

Make a List Monday

It's been a while since I've really posted consistantly, there have a been a bunch of things going on both at work, and at home, plus a bunch of travel that always impacted my blogging schedule. But I am ready to get back on schedule, and back to sewing with regularity. The reality is, I've only really done deadline sewing for a while. It's been so crazy busy that i only finished these two projects, both of which were deadline sewing for Market.

Unfortunately, both projects got finished at the deadline (and by that I mean at 2am the night before they had be in a box on the way to their relevant new homes). Nothing like a hard deadline to help you get things done. And to prevent you from getting a decent picture.....

Hoffman Medallion....the new color way is called Medallion Prism, and it was really quick and fun. It comes completely pre-cut, so once you get used to the format, it's a quick and easy project. The project uses the new Bali Handpaints, and they were lovely to work with.

Prismatic Star - this time out of Craftsy's new batik line. This one created quite a stir around her....I sent a pic to my Mom and my niece decided that it was for her. It is her favorite color......So I see a similar one in my future.....

And now that you know what I have been working on lately, let's talk about what's up next....This week is really about getting back to daily sewing, and getting things done. But first, I need to clean the sewing room. Like seriously clean the sewing room. It is destined to be a day long adventure, if not an entire weekend...but here's what's coming next....

1. Cotton and Chocolate Mystery Quilt - Month 1 blocks
2. Vintage Compass - sew border units and add borders.
3. Celtic Wave - make and attach binding
4. Sophie's Quilt - make and attach binding
5. Vintage Rose - make border units

It's going to be a busy week, so I'm not sure how much I will get done during the week, but I have an all girls sewing weekend scheduled next weekend, so hopefully, I will make some good progress. There is nothing quite like a full weekend to get major sewing components completed! I'll try to keep you up to date as I go....

So, until next Monday, happy sewing!!!