Friday, October 28, 2016

To Market To Market

It's that big week, twice a year, the professional side of the quilting community comes together and shows all of their goods. Their creativity, their piecing prowess, their quilting essence, we gather this week in Houston to show off to one another, and all of the attending quilt shops and fabric manufacturers. We show our current favorite colors, patterns, and techniques, and we generally have a great time. We eat great food, and go to the Moda party for music and dancing and stop in at the Robert Kaufman party for the chocolate fountain. We go shopping at Cavender's Boot City for new yearly cowboy boots, which we will wear every day for 3 months. We'll meet friends from afar that we only see at Market...we'll go out for drinks, and dessert, and pay crazy prices for diet coke in bottles. We'll stop in at the Four Seasons for Chocolate Martinis, and walk back to our hotels, where we will stay up until all hours talking and laughing and planning next year's quilt dominance.

This year, I'm staying home. It's been about 5 year since I missed a fall market, and it seems weird to not be going, but it just wasn't in the cards this year, for a bunch of different reasons. Needless to say, I'm a bit sad to not be there and sad to miss seeing friends that I won't have a chance to see until this time next year, but really glad to be home for a weekend with no plans. Literally no plans. No teaching engagements, no cleaning backed up, no laundry in need for doing, no home improvement projects, and no deadlines. Just me and 48 hours of free time to do whatever I here's my "plan"...


That's right. I'm just going to do nothing except something that makes me happy at that moment. Maybe I will go out for breakfast, or get lost in Costco for a few hours. Maybe I will go test drive cars, or visit the quilt shop. Maybe I will sleep in or take a nap. Perhaps I will clean the sewing room, or spend a few hours on Pinterest doing absolutely nothing. Whatever I do, I'm going to enjoy the weekend free of responsibilities, and stalk all my friends on Instagram and Facebook to get all of the Market insights.

What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Quilting!


  1. Today, I went to the 34th birthday celebration at SewHut and won a couple of prizes. We are in dire need of Quiltworx classes in San Diego. What and where is your teaching schedule? Thanks, Becky (Scripps Ranch)

  2. Hi Becky -- sorry for my late reply, it's been crazy around here!!!! I don't have much planned for the rest of the year, but I will be teaching at Cozy next year, so watch out for the schedule to be published mid-December.