Sunday, June 26, 2016

What's Happening Folks?

Watching - Gilmore Girls marathon on Netflix. Still. Seriously, I have spent most of this weekend in front of the TV catching up on old episodes. I'm finally almost on the final season. I didn't remember that there were SO many episodes, or how crazy some of them were, but I am feeling almost ready for the Gilmore re-entry on Netflix sometime this fall. Right this minute they are deciding on a new town troubadour. And Loralei has accepted that the June 3rd wedding will not be happening. And the girl from 24 is interviewing as troubadour. Weird to see stars that are now bonafide, in their initial rolls. (P.S. Luke and Loralei just broke up!!! WTF!!! how did I miss this part????

Craving - ice cream. It has been very warm here lately and ice cream is the reason we have hot weather!

Doing - lots of nothing this weekend. Seriously my goal for the weekend was to stay in my PJs all weekend (okay, 3 pairs of clean PJs, but PJs none the less.

Obsessing - over Brexit, and what it might mean. I think I'm just so shocked about it. And I know it will be a while before anything really happens, but it's a bit scary with all of the unknowns. 

Loving - Judy's new patterns -- I've got at least a dozen versions in my head for the Vintage Rose. The pattern won't be available until early next year, and I can't wait!!!

Reading - Harry Potter -- always Harry Potter lately. I'm in book 4, getting ready to enter the maze.

Wanting - to go shopping for yarn, and attempting to control myself.

Pinning - lots and lots of organization ideas...and then a few extra organization pins.

Dreaming - about traveling. I haven't been on a trip for fun in such a long time, I'm dreaming about Italy and Switzerland lately.

Writing - proposals, lots of proposals

Crafting - nothing. the sewice (sewing+office) is a disaster, so very little crafting has been done.

Sewing - I've been working on a couple of projects lately -- Vintage Compass and Prickly Pear specifically. More on that later this week.

Knitting - I don't know that I have done any knitting since I last wrote....much to much going on.

Listening - to Ted Talks. Obsessed with them lately.

Wearing - pajamas. 

Needing - to get off the couch and get to work, but I can't get motivated to do it.

Planning - a dozen projects --- Vintage Rose (x12), Prismatic Star #4, Vintage Compass #3, 4, 5, and 6, Fractured Paint Box, 22 Clouds in Countess Ablaze, a hammock, etc, etc, etc.

Trying - nothing. I have tried nothing lately. sad.

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