Thursday, May 14, 2015

To Market to Market

I can't quite believe that Market is here. I am literally writing this from the hotel in Minneapolis, we arrived just a few hours ago. 

It's been a crazy prep for market this time. An ambitious quilt under super tight timelines, with no "days off" to actually sew, and then therebisbthe whole machine issue. The light on my machine died, and I literally couldn't afford to not have it to sew, so I didn't get it fixed! 

I taught the first weekend of May at Cotton and Chocolate - my regular teaching gig, and then I went to San Mateo last weekend to teach at Scruffy Quilts. More on that later, but here are some sneak peaks.....

So it's market this week, and I promise a more normal posting schedule in the next few weeks, as well some announcements that I can finally talk about!

So goodnight for now, and I'll check back in soon and give you the scoop!


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