Saturday, May 30, 2015


It's been crazy this week....and it's beginning to feel like every week is nuts. A million things going on at work, tons of production stuff due, and a ton of design and planning to be done so that June and July run smoothly. Somewhere on Monday, I realized that I hadn't sewn for me since January. JANUARY!!! And that didn't seem acceptable. Sure, I have sewn. I finished Cactus Rose, and Paradise in Bloom and a few other things, but I haven't sewn for me. I even sewed for a swap or two, which ended up feeling like too much work. Then I figured it out, I haven't sewn anything without a deadline. I haven't sewn on the 40 or so UFOs sitting in the sewing room closet. I haven't sewn any of the knitting bags that I had planned and even bought fabric for. I haven't sewn just to sew, or without an "end game". So I talked to a friend about it and we have started a challenge....

#30adaytokeepcrazyaway is a 30 day challenge to sew/knit/crochet/crosstitch/craft for 30 minutes a day. every day. on something for you, something fun, something you want to do, not something you need to do. We're updating social media (Instagram and Facebook) every day with a 3 second post about what we did. I'm amazed so far at what I have managed to get done in what is basically a little over 2 hours. And I find it funny that once I get started sewing it's harder to stop, it's the starting that can be here's the rules...

The Rules.
- 30 day challenge, 30 consecutive days
- work on some project for a minimum of 30 minutes
- start anytime between now and June 1st
- post on instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #30adaykeepscrazyaway and the day that you are on (#day3).
- complete 30 daily posts by June 30th.
- Only 1 post per day will count.
- You can do multiple different activities -- you don't have to physically sew, you can wind yarn, or pick your colors, or select and cut fabric.
- You can have multiple projects going...for example, I am traveling next week, so some time this weekend I will spend my 30 minutes prepping and putting on a binding so that i have hand work for next weekend.
-You can mix crafts...I am primarily a quilter, but I also knit and crochet. So as long as my 30 minutes are on something for me (not a gift for someone else) i can count.
- I'll find some gifts from my closet, and sneak in a few giveaways, and we will have a bigger gift for one winner who gets to #day30. I will do a random drawing after the  contest closes.

SO.....get out there and have some fun!!! Sew or knit or crochet or scrapbook for you. For fun!

Can"t wait to see what everyone gets done in the next 30 days!!!!


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