Monday, February 16, 2015

Make a List Monday

It's been a bit crazy around here, with a new job, a crazy teaching schedule, and a sick family. But I am happy to report that we are all on the mend (though not completely well) and life is starting to return to "normal" or at least the new form of normal (which is completely not normal, but that is beside the point)....

I've not done a lot of sewing in the last few weeks, I just haven't had any mojo. I did spend a few hours in the sewing room this evening working on a project, and I finally found my mojo I just hope it sticks around.

For this week, I don't have big plans, but I do have a few plans....

1. Finish some binding on a swap project.
2. Make a decision on fabric for the QAL.
3. Sew the borders for Paradise in Blooms. Seriously, these should have been done weeks ago.
4. Finish the appliqué for Paradise in Blooms

That's a pretty big list, considering the number of quilting hours that I get lately, but I am determined to get it done this week. I am tired of having it over my head, so I am going to finish it if it kills me.

And I am going to stop myself from starting this beauty....

My autoship arrived, and I am itching to start on this baby!!! So, no starting this one until Paradise in Bloom is finished. 100% finished. Realistically, I don't think I will get to start this until next week, but it is heckling me from the sidelines. Which might work to my advantage, if I can keep the mojo!

Now, off to work, and then a few hours of sewing this evening.....

To see how well it goes this week, make sure you are following me on Instagram, since that's my daily update can find me there as QueenieQuilts.

What are you working on this week???


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