Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day and an Announcement

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hope that you are spending the day doing things you love with people you love. For me, today begins the "season of love" -- you see, for the last 3 years, I have a friend or family member that has gotten engaged on Valentine's and married before the end of summer. Which means this is the wedding quilt making season. This year, the couple got engaged a while ago (last spring) and are getting married at the end of August, so I technically have had a little more time. But the didn't pick a date until a few days ago, and as a result, I can't really plan. I need info -- wedding colors, etc, etc, etc. And of course, I love procrastinating, so I need a deadline. Let's face it, that is how my life works.

So, starting March 1st, we're kicking off a Wedding Ring QAL, and we have some people joining us! There are a couple of different CIs who will be working on their quilts, and a few quilters talking about different ways to quilt them to show off the various elements. We'll be doing tutorials on using the Quiltworx Wedding Ring rulers, and a tutorial on those pesky curved bindings. We'll have some great giveaways, and get some masterpieces completed.

So, for the next few weeks, we'll be gathering our supplies, and getting ready, and be ready to sew come March 1st. The schedule and details will be up on the blog tomorrow...

In the meantime, spend the day with those that you love doing things you love. I'll be parked on the couch under a squishy quilt cuddling with the dog, bing watching Friends on NetFlix, and eating ice cream and diet coke. That's how this single girl rolls.

How are you spending your Valentine's Day?


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