Saturday, September 29, 2012

The To Do List

So, those of you that know me, know that I am a list maker, I even have lists of lists (scary, huh?). There is something incredibly satisfying to me to put something on a list for safe-keeping and then mark it off when I am done, unfortunately, the last few weeks have gotten a little out of control, and there has been very little marking off of items on the quilt prep list. In an effort to be accountable (and not let the weekend fly by without getting in front of some of these things), I thought I might share my list of quilty/quilty room-- so that you can help me be accountable.

Blog Posts : New Judy Patterns -- Feathered Star and Log Cabin Series 1
Finish putting together my Mariner's Compass TOM from July
Summer Solstice - Y seams and final 4 seams
Amazon Star - pick binding
Package Mailed to Tammy for Quilting (why is this one so complicated, it's already packed to go)
Assemble new desk
get organized (ok, this one has it's own mini-list, but I won't bore you with it)
pick fabrics for Glacier Star
pick fabrics for One for All Seasons
Bind 3 quilts for classes
3 supply lists
update facebook and website with new class schedule
add 33 new items to the store -- yes, I have that many new things that have come in in the past 3 weeks
place a Moda order
place a Kauffman order
schedule photo shoot
alter Joyce's birthday dress
write 4 patterns
proof  2 patterns
take a nap
schedule a spa day

Whew!!! Well I feel better that they are on a list. Now I just need to get them done. More later folks!

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