Sunday, September 16, 2012

More new stuff

Aren't my titles just stunning? Seriously folks, I always intend to have witty titles, but I can never seem to come up with them, at least not in a time crunch.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here. I've done a wedding, a weekend at home in Memphis, and 2 shows in 4 weeks. And I am ready for a nice long holiday, but I don't think that will occur any time soon. We've got tons of things going on around here. Finishing quilts for family members who are getting married, finishing samples for classes and shows, getting new fabrics in, getting them up on the website (which is always an adventure), and finishing up all of the paperwork. I vow that this will be my one and only disorganized year, it is simply too much work (not to mention my memory is not nearly as good as I think it is).

Next week is the Santa Barbara Quilt Show, at the Earl Warren Fairgrounds. It is the first time that I have done this show, so I am super excited!

Wish me luck and happy quilting!

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