Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello Monday (and December)

Hope this Monday brings everyone great cheer as we get back to real life, and the joys of of Christmas surprises (I am a big proponent of the no hints Christmas). I LOVE surprises, which can be a challenge in a house full of people who can't keep secrets! So, for now, no peaking at presents, and no pictures here of things I've made because you never know who will be reading...

Hello Monday !
Hello December (how did you get here so fast?)!
Hello Christmas shopping and present wrapping.
Hello Christmas carols on the radio!
Hello new fabrics from Riley Blake (yummy).
Hello split pea and ham soup (did I mention that the only reason I like cold weather is for the soup).
Hello Santa Ana's and the accompanying sniffles. Hello Vitamin C and Halls.
Hello birthday preparations.
Hello kit making and sample making.
Hello meetings and prioritized task lists, oh how I love you.
Hello seeing everyone's Christmas quilts dropped off in a rush, so that they will be back in time for binding, oh how I love to see what everyone has been working on all year long.
Hello stocking stuffers from little vintage stores.
Hello Anthropologie, how I loved your weekend store displays.
Hello kid's Christmas movies, I really do wish you could stay longer, you are always such fun when you visit.

Alright folks, have a great week, and hopefully I get something done this week that I can share (I can hope, right?).

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