Thursday, July 21, 2011

Celebration Tree Skirt -- My favorite quilt I have ever made

And it isn't even a quilt, according to my mother. She uses the following elements to indicate that it is not a quilt.

1. It does not fit on a bed.
2. It is round, which is not a quilty shape.
3. A quilt goes on top of a bed, this goes under a tree.
4. It can't qualify as a wallhanging, as you can't hang it because of its round shape.

As a result, she has indicated that it should really come it live with her, since it isn't a quilt. She is perfectly happy to give it a home, despite its "lack" of quiltiness.

Unfortunately, I think she will be disappointed, as I never want to let it go.....I dropped it off at a shop a couple of weeks ago, and I literally had separation anxiety. I LOVE IT that much. Seriously, my favorite non-quilt ever.

and here are some closeups of it, the quilting is absolutely fabulous (thanks to my very favorite longarmer, Shawn York of Rusty Crow). Shawn did a fantastic micro-stipple in the background, and changed threads and designs for each component....little christmas trees in the geese, snowflakes in the outer border spikes, and a huge poinsettia in the very middle. Absolutely STUNNING as usual! Seriously folks, a great long armer gives your quilt a whole new life.

So, I'll be teaching this one around town this fall, so if you are interested drop me a line at or check the schedule on the website.

See you soon,

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