Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rusty Crow is a Franchise

Well, we are here in Folsom for the Quilt Show -- and Mike and Brooke (Shawn's Husband and Daughter) are at the show in Hemet, Ca -- so we are officially a franchise, a chain, a second exactly did that happen? The honest truth, we screwed see last year Hemet and Folsom were on different weekends and we went to we signed up for both this year, without consulting the calendar first. WHOOPS! Luckily, Brooke and Mike agreed to fill in for Shawn at Hemet, and we became a chain at least for the weekend.

So, for the Hemet folks (The Valley Quilters), thank you for understanding and welcoming Mike and Brooke and taking such good care of them on their first outing, and to the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild, we are having a blast (we'll see you again tomorrow at 10am for a rug demo!)

See you later this week (with some pictures)....

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