Friday, February 25, 2011


Well, I struggled to come up with what to say today...not for lack of things going on, but to ensure that I didn't write the 17 page post and bore everyone to death. You see, it has been a really busy week here at Queenie Quilts. New kits being worked on, new patterns going off for printing, new photos being taken, as well as a really busy class schedule (6 classes in one week). The truth is I just wanted something fun and silly to talk about rather than all of the business, I was looking around for inspiration. I looked everywhere, the fridge (no inspiration, but I did find some girl scout cookies in the freezer), in the sewing room (which just made me tired), in the car (nothing there), at the beach (it was gloomy and rainy this afternoon). So, I was finding myself depressed, and had almost given up on writing a post this week....and then I stopped by to read Carrie Nelson's blog "La Vie on Rosie" ( If you have never checked he out, you really should, she is quite adorable (and Rosie is her equally adorable dog, who occasionally writes posts).

She was sharing some info (and having a giveaway) about a couple of new books, which are quite lovely. She also was sharing some info about her new projects (in the Schnibbles series, which I ADORE!) and talking about her post project "routines" -- you know those things you do after a project is done to get ready for the next one....which got me thinking about the rules. Those who know me, or have met me, probably know all about the rules......

The top 10 quilting rules at Queenie (at least in theory)...
1. Each project must have it own box (btw, I like the ones from the container store, they fit perfectly in my closet, all 40 of them).
2. Only one box is allowed to come out and play at a time. All other boxes must wait their turn.
3. All rulers and tools specific to an active project should remain in the project box. This ensures that when I decide to work on something, I can grab the box and go, and not worry about not having everything I need. This would also include the pattern or book that I am working from.
4. All generic rulers and supplies should remain in the sewing room in their designated area (yeah right, just try to enforce this one).
5. Restock, replace, resort all supplies at the completion of each project. (includes replacing machine needles, rotary blades, and checking glue stick levels). Preventative maintenance is important.
6. All binding must be made BEFORE the quilt is delivered to the quilter or before I start the machine quilting (some day I'll do a post on my binding phobia).
7. No new projects shall be started in the small hours of the will only have to start over at a decent time tomorrow.
8. Diet Coke is essential to the success of all quilt projects.
9. Pajamas, friends and chocolate are optional for all quilt projects. (as are retreats, Girls Night Ins, and wine, but let's stick with the essentials).
10. Rescue all triangles and give to Amy Foster for rehabilitation.

So, that's the basic rules according to Catherine for quilting. What are your rules/habits/routines?

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