Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reflecting on Reflections

So last week I promised to show you what I was making with those beautiful batiks!!! It is Reflections by Judy Niemeyer, a gorgeous, simple paper piecing pattern. Best of all, the pieces are all pre-cut for you! You are ready to literally sit down and sew immediately. It doesn't get much better than that. And below you can check out step by step what I did to get the gorgeous blocks, and check back to see the final layout later next week.

But it started with this....a stack of pre-cut segments - 42 to be exact, 21 lights and 21 darks (there are some repeats). The pre-cut stack looked like this when I got it. (can you see the slits where the fabrics are cut everywhere except the very outside edge???)

I simply snipped a few tabs that were holding the fabrics together, and then moved them around as required.

And then, simply make a stack for speed paper-piecing and get to sewing....

....and in just over 8 hours of sewing you have 42 blocks, in mirrored pairs (light and dark edges, can you see the pairs below), and are ready to complete your layout and sew the rows together.

Visit next week to see how these look when they are sewn into rows.....see you next week.

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