Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bag Lady? Thanks, Mom (I think)

So, we have been very busy around here the last few days getting ready for the first quilt show of the season : Heart of the Valley Quilt and Textile Arts Show in Modesto, CA. The days have flown since the 3rd, when we started getting ready. Fabrics have been cut and packaged, new signs made, new samples made.....absolutely crazy around here.

It got really crazy yesterday when we started packing, and sorting out all of the personal stuff we would need to take. How is it that the first show of the season I always overpack, overplan, and overorganize (btw, Mom says that overorganization is impossible)? So, I got everything ready and in a big pile on the couch, and Mom turns to me and says "Did you want me to pick up a cart from the grocery while you are gone?" I must have looked at her with my "whatthe" look, because her response was "well you look like a bag lady with all of those bags of stuff!" and when I looked at it from her point of view, I couldn't help but laugh out load at all of the assorted bags : laptop bag, snacks bag, makeup bag, suitcase, purse, project bag for the car, project bag for the booth, project bag for the hotel, target bag of miscellaneous stuff....I am sure that I have packed way to much stuff, but I have no idea what I should leave behind....

In addition to that, there are a series of new classes coming up (a couple of which I am REALLY excited about), and I will be posting the updated schedule next week. So, watch out for the meantime if you are in the Modesto area, stop by and see us at :

Modesto Center Plaza
1000 L Street
Modesto, CA

See you all soon....

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