Saturday, July 25, 2015

Moving and the Accumulation of Stuff

How is it that every time I move, I say, next time, I'm going to purge as I pack and not take all this stuff with me. I'm going to change my habits and only buy what I need for a project, and not for stash? And yet, here we are in the midst of the next move, saying it all over again....

I'm to that point that it's get it done, and make it pretty (or organized, or downsized) later. I'm tired of packing, the goodwill guys know me by name, and yet I still seem to have more fabric, more yarn, and more stuff!!! 

I really want to make a major alteration to my life, to my lifestyle, and use the stuff I have before I get more. I want to work from my stash (yarn and fabric), and I really want to downsize some finished projects that need a forever home, and someone to love and appreciate them! 

Once I get settled (or essentially September, according to the crazy calendar), I'm bringing back the Stash Bash, I'm starting nostashspend immediately, but won't have any serious sewing time until the schedule quiets a bit, and I am home long enough to make a the meantime, life (and the blog) will likely be filled with cleaning, organizing and general losing your marbles posts....just keeping it real.

Does anyone else hate moving? I love the idea and all the after benefits (more space, better neighborhood, closer to the dog park, a yard and pool), but I sure hate the process of packing, and sorting, and purging, and then physically moving everything. Just not any fun in my humble opinion. I know it will be fine 48 hours from now, but right now, that seems a long way and a lot of boxes away...

From the chaos...


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