Friday, December 9, 2011

shamefully stolen

Okay, so I planned an entertaining blog post for this week, one with pictures, and funny captions and some insight into a day in the life......unfortunately, it's a little cloudy and all of my pics are really dark, so you'll have to survive on a moment in life, which whose idea was shamefully stolen from the Pleated Poppy, who apparently stole it from someone else.....

On moment in life.....
watching - the computer screen monitor blink, telling me to get back to work

eating - do effervescent vitamin C supplements count (the target version of E-Mergency) -- I feel a cold coming on so I'm plowing through them this week.

drinking - diet coke (as if any other answer would fit here)

wearing - jeans, black embellished ballet flats, black sweater, silver jewerly

avoiding - inventory, and auditing. They aren't bad once I convince myself to get started, MUST GET STARTED. There, now I feel better.

feeling - inspired, design-wise, must find my colored pencils and do some sketching.

missing - Mom -- it's just not Christmas around here without her.

thankful - for a great year, it started out a little rough, but I finally feel like we've turned the corner and everything is back on track.

weather - a little chilly, with beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds, too bad it was overcast yesterday, today would be a great photo day!!

praying - for a friend who has had some health issues lately, and hoping for a speedy recovery!

needing - more hours in the day

thinking - of all of the things on the to do list that need to get done, and ways to avoid turning older on Tuesday (do you think sleeping all day would work)?

loving - bacon on Sunday mornings (it has become a tradition around here apparently), Mo's Christmas fudge (it really was quite spectacular), my friends who have been so incredible this year, my family and their hilarious antics, my life.

So, what are you doing today?

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