Saturday, December 10, 2011

My almost birthday

Okay, so it's my birthday on Tuesday (yes I was born on the 13th, and yes, it was a Friday on the year that I was born). I can't quite believe everything that has happened this year, when I put it down in writing it seems surreal! I met some people who I idolize (and periodically stalk on facebook, twitter and pinterest). I met some really amazing people that I had never even hear of. I learned a lot about me own strengths and weaknesses. I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of. I learned a lot about faith and grace and even more about trust. Like I said, I can't quite believe the year it's been, and I really can't wait for the year ahead. So hear is to an amazing 2012! 

So, Shawn and I had a busy week, there was the Rusty Crow Christmas party on Wednesday (which was full of AMAZING food, a hilarious gift exchange, and much merryment by all (partially thanks to Chocolate Martinis)). The following morning we drove to LA for a seminar with Loral Langmeyer, a noted business speaker and overall powerful and successful business woman. She gave a talk on her new book entitled "yes, Energy" and she had some really interesting things to talk about. Nothing totally new, per se, but it is always good for a refresher (especially this time of year). So, in the spirit of setting New Year's resolutions and all of the things that go along with those, I thought I would share some of the inspiration that I got from her talk. Hopefully she won't mind...some of these will become New Year's resolutions for me, and some need to be right now resolutions.

1. The power of a mastermind group.....a group of friends who support each other and who you can bounch ideas, questions and issues off of. I really need one of these.
2. The idea that you can say "yes" and figure it out. You don't need to have all of the answers right now, you just need to have the gumption to figure it out.
3. Realizing that the only thing holding you back is your belief in yourself...this one is probably the hardest for me, as I am my own worst critic.

And now, it's time to work on the goals and dreams for next year, and get myself organized, like I said, I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by, so now I need to go catch up, prep for a meeting with the tax man, and finish up some samples.

See you all tomorrow, maybe I'll have some pics of the new samples. 

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