Sunday, May 1, 2011

May?? Really??? What happened to April?

So, I totally lost most of the month of April.....between shows and a crazy pre-market schedule, I somehow lost almost a month....26 days to be exact.

So, you saw that word, didn't you??? Market -- as in the quilter's/sewer's trade show, the mecca where all of the quilt shops go to decide what they are going to carry next year. Time to see the new fabric lines, the new patterns, and the new designers. How exciting is that? And even better...I am going as a vendor, not just a participant/buyer, but as a vendor. Totally psyched, totally freaked out, totally scared. So, there's about 10 days left before market starts, and then I have to be a big girl.

So, just what have I been up to? 3 shows, designing and testing 6 patterns in 3 sizes each (that's 18 quilts in case you are counting), sewing, quilting, binding, labeling, photographing, writing, re-photographing, wholesale sales order creations, planning, organizing, arranging and finally proofing final patterns, before they head off to the print house.

So, wish me luck and hold on tight, there are only 10 days left until the real work begins.....The bonus is, I promise to work more "normal" hours, where photography, lunch with friends and blog chats are a bit more regular.

Have fun everyone! See you in 11 days!

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