Sunday, April 28, 2013

March and April Update

So, I've been delinquent lately, I know! Life as been really busy, and a little bit crazy, but in a good way. Penny is quite lovely and needed in a crazy life.

So, here are some updates, not in any particular order....

1. 12 new patterns this year - I'm doing okay here, mainly because I got ahead in January and February.

2. New Judy pattern each quarter....finished Summer Solstice, and sent it to the quilter. Should have it back next month. Worked quite a bit on several projects but didn't get any finished. Currently in process : 1. Pepperdish, 2. Glacier Star, 3. 3 Ducks, 4. Forever Yours. All of these have all units complete and just need some assembly time to finish them up.

Goals for May : 2 shows, finish at least 1 of the quilts listed above.

Get my FOCUS back and teach Penny to walk on a leash.

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