Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 4 in Montana

Well, the countdown to teacher certification training is over, and I have safely arrived in Montana, and managed to lose 4 days. We have been busy working on the new 2013 Technique of the Month (TOM) samples, as well as all kinds of businessy stuff that every certified teacher needs to know. Most of it I knew already, but I must admit that some of it is new and incredibly interesting and occasionally completely overwhelming. I had intentions of posting everyday so that you could see the progress of our quilts, but in the shuffle, I managed to leave the cord that connects the camera to the computer at home, so, no pics till I get home. For those of you dying to see them, Jackie Kunkle ( aka Canton Village Quiltworks) is doing a daily scoot on over and check out the quilts, and while you are there, add her to your RSS feed and follow her blog, and let her know that I sent you. here's her address : . Happy quilting!!!

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